Monday, April 18, 2011

Last Morning in America

Well, I've come to it at last: after an amazing month-long spring break that took me to many of my oldest favorite places on the east coast (as well as a few new wonders), I'm enjoying my last morning in America for the next nine weeks. The weather is absurdly gorgeous, a real jewel of a New England spring day, with the buds starting to come out on the trees, the fields starting to green, and the daffodils just starting to show some peeks of the riots of color that will soon overtake our garden. Apparently the weather has been gorgeous in Oxford, too, and I'm really excited to see the place in green and sunny weather.

I've been thinking more about the expectations that I mentioned at the end of my last post, and have decided to leave them as open-ended as I can for the moment. I think my dreams for this term would be that I would return home in June having met new friends, seen some beautiful new places, admired some incredible horses, expanded my physical and mental limits by completing my first marathon, and tackled my academic challenges with aplomb. It's a pretty tall order, but I think I'm up for the challenge. I've only got 9 weeks, so let's make the most of it!

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