Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last Days

I've spent the past few days (in between being horribly, horribly sick - booo) stuffing as many digestive biscuits into my face as I can manage, taking sentimental pictures of things I've already photographed and dozen times before, and doing trial run packing experiments to see if I can fit all the extra junk I've accumulated over the past six months into my already limited baggage space. This can only mean one thing: I've come to my last days in Oxford.

In fact, after today I only have one full day left, and it will be pretty crazy with finishing up my last paper, having my last tutorial, attending a farewell Pimms party in the garden, and trying to get packed up. Where has the time gone? It doesn't help that I'm leaving ten days early, but I've known about this early departure all spring and I'm still being taken by surprise. I'm really sad that I'm not feeling better, because there is so much more than I want to do and see, and I'm just not feeling physically up to it at the moment. Oh well; I've definitely had a great quarter and a great six months. Oxford has become a second home, and I'm going to miss it very much. But I'm also getting really excited for the next adventure!

Here are some pictures from the last few days, trying to put a cap on the wonderful experience my time abroad has been:

(Trip to Atomic Burger for the INDESCRIBABLY INCREDIBLE Macaroni and Cheese burger, which yes, is exactly what you think it is - before...)

(...and literally five minutes later. I barely had enough time to take a picture of it I inhaled it so quickly)

(Out for a last run along the river - I made it further than I ever had before (about 30 minutes down, 30 minutes back))

(Sweet bridge I found further down the Isis)

(Last walk in Christ Church Meadow at sunset - the cows are out now and it's almost too idyllic for words)

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