Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Days

Ahh summer: lounging by the pool with a tropical drink in hand, staying up late to watch the stars/fireworks/what have you, enjoying endless sleep and an open agenda...

Haha, jokes.

This summer has been one of the busiest I've yet experienced, with me trying to fit in enough time to commute to and from the city every day, attend a full day of class, do two to three hours of homework, and still ride two horses and keep an active competition schedule. Needless to say, having a social life quickly went out the window (sorry, all the friends I said I'd hang out with!!). I've fallen into a schedule that I for the most part have enjoyed, but am still very much looking forward to getting a break from in a week's time when my summer class will finally be at an end, and I'll get my first break longer than 10 days from academics since April.

To get a better idea of what I've been up to, I thought some photos would illustrate nicely:


(There are no pictures for this one. No one wants to see me at this time, and I certainly don't have my 'creative juices' flowing yet to take any pictures. Waking up at 6am every day has been far and away the roughest part of the summer.)


(Okay there are no pictures for this one either, but it's when we leave the house. It's not very exciting except for when we leave four minutes late like happened twice last week and I miss the train and Pa has to drive me all the way into Alewife to the T.)






(I have no pictures of this, but I'm in class from now until 1)








(from here on out it's a race to eat dinner, do homework, and fall into bed to start the day again. Phew.)

All right! One week left!

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  1. OMG what freaking gorgeous pictures. IS that sepia you used on Kiki to edit? It looks so awesome and old fashioned, like old time pictures..I love it!!!