Saturday, December 18, 2010

Advent Calendar to Adventure Part 2: Egypt

So Oxford term begins on 4 January, but the adventure begins on 26 December. Where will we be in that intervening time? Oh, I don't know, a little place called. . .


This has been a dream destination of mine since before I can remember, and as I've gotten older its appeal has only grown: pyramids, colossal statuary, the lasting relics of one of most powerful civilizations on the planet-- what's not to love?? This Christmas, after (literal) years of hoping and planning, my family will be actually be going there! Talk about a dream come true.

I won't try to project too much into what I'm going to enjoy most or what experiences I'm going to have, but here are just a few things that I'm going to get to see:

(Colossal statues of Ramses at Memphis)


(Hatshepsut's temple)

Egyptian studies don't quite overlap with my own focus in Art History, but they're close enough to still definitely pique my interest: the complex symbolic language, the integral relationship between art and power, and the fascinating way that graphic and sculptural techniques combine to form a complete system of meaning whose whole is far greater than a sum of its parts. I've been lucky enough to see some very beautiful Egyptian art in museums, but--as I've learned a few times now-- all art is more powerful in its proper situ, and so I'm positively bursting to see these sites in their proper place (even if I can't see them in their proper time!).

Not to mention that it will be nice to go somewhere warm and sunny between December in Massachusetts behind me and a whole winter in England to look forward to!!

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