Sunday, December 26, 2010


Thanks to the vagueries of New England weather (and the fact that we've had no snow at all since I've been home and now are in the middle of a blizzard), the trip to Egypt has, so far, turned out to be one giant fake out. Our flight got canceled today before the snow even started falling and got rescheduled for tomorrow morning, ignoring the fact that the worst of the snow is supposed to hit right around then. Current speculations are as far fetched as driving all the way to New York (six hours) to fly out of JFK. That may be a little too ambitious even for us, but one thing is for certain: we're not giving up yet!

I'm happily all packed up (in just one enormous suitcase and one pack! I'm a notorious over-packer and have struggled to pack for 6 months of foreign living, with climates ranging from the desert to English winter). I have a SUPER SEXY new camera with a barn-burner of a lens that I can't wait to get using in Egypt, though at the moment I'm a little intimidated by its preciousness and will freely admit that I'm a little afraid to take it out of its case!! I love my film camera dearly and don't expect it to be replaced by this new upstart, but it will be nice to have a digital camera that I can use for horses without the worries of distance (this new baby has a 400 mm zoom! Holy mama) or the limited exposures of film.

Fortunately, we haven't let the bad luck get us down. We've been:

Warming ourselves by the fire . . .
(Note: this is not a staged photo. Nope. Not at all.)

Dancing the morning away . . .
(This actually ISN'T a staged photo)

And making pasta! Actually David and Gallagher made pasta; I just gave my seal of approval.

Fingers crossed that we'll get out tomorrow!

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