Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First Paper Submitted! Really This Time

Well I've done it (again). I'm feeling much more apprehensive this time because I'm aware of what I fool I made myself look like last time. It took me about ten minutes after I'd attached the file on my email to him to have the moxie to actually press send. Now let's let the real learning begin =)

Of course, because I've been procrastinating just a *teensy* bit about revising and finishing this paper up over the past week (read into that whatever you like), I had to spend pretty much all day today locked up inside working even though it was by far the finest day we've had at Oxford so far with mild temperatures, bright sun (for England in January), and addictively bluebell skies. Naturally, the previous week when I've been procrastinating and spending copious amounts of time outside, it has been among the greyest and dreariest weather we've had so far. Touché. Apparently even the weather here conspires to punish bad study habits!!

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