Monday, January 3, 2011

Photos From Egypt

(Gallagher on our first morning on the Nile, with Phila Temple behind)

(Egyptian scale = unbelievable)

(Nile sunsets were unreal, the hazy and pollution-filled skies briefly turning bright orange just before nightfall)

(At Luxor there is a temple right on top of an ancient temple... a very interesting blend of cultures)

(Luxor Temple at night)

(Pa in front of yet another example of "Go Big or Go Home"- mentality Egyptian statuary)

(And again! This time at Karnak Temple in Luxor)

(Cruisin' on the Nile at sunset)

(Ahh yes, the beautiful life)

(Ma and I at Sakkara)

(At the Great Pyramids!!)

(Getting really excited about ancient feats of engineering at the Solar Boat Museum!)

(David in Cairo)

(The family with our man Horus)

(At Hatshepsut's Temple!!)

(Feeling very small at Karnak Temple)

(Holy crap!)

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