Monday, February 7, 2011

The Black Eye: A Saga

Phew, another tutorial paper finished! To celebrate, I thought I'd do something entirely non-academic and make a little collection of all the photos I took tracking my black eye over the past few weeks. As you can see, it's finally almost entirely gone-- I think I can only see it now as a slightly darker bag under my left eye than my right (fortunately I guess, the bags are pretty heavy on both sides at the moment from all the late nights I've had, so the remnants are pretty well masked!!). I've never had a serious black eye before, so I've probably had immoderate amounts of fun tracking it (so be forewarned).

January 20:

(Directly post incident)

21 January:
(Doesn't look like much... yet)

January 22:
(Directly after having a little point at me and scream - way to salt a wound, little girl)

22 January:
(Looking classy post-jog, and realizing that the black eye makes my already somewhat lopsided face look even wonkier)

28 January:
(A week later and the novelty has officially worn off)

31 January:
(No really; get this thing off my face)

1 February:

7 February:
(Yes!! Definitely fading!!)

8 February:
(Almost gone!)

It took over two weeks, but thank you Jesus it's finally almost gone. Now, let's hope I can avoid any similar "situations" in future!

As you might also be able to tell, I'm also lurrrrvving my new short hair. I think this is the first time in my life I've ever enjoyed styling my hair (or have thought that it can look good, both styled and not). There are definitely some looks that are better than others (the flattened duck-fluff situation on 1 February won't be going on the highlight reel, for sure), but in general I'm kind of blown away with how different it makes my face look. Even if I grow my hair out again, I'm thinking bangs might have to be a permanent addition to the look at this point.

All right, if I'm not totally buried tomorrow night (and that's a big if), I'll get moving on getting caught up on the action I've neglected to talk about of late: Imperial War Museum, the Opera, and (of course) Bing Trip. Here's hoping!

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