Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Over the Hump


The past five days have been... rough. As in, 6+ hours in the library daily (even getting kicked out of the Bod on Friday night... talk about lack of social life), 13 books read, and 3 separate 2500 word essays written. The sad thing is that, reading that back, it doesn't even sound like that much - but oh dear god it was!!

(Friday night at the Radcliffe Camera... at least I wasn't totally alone in my loserdom)

Fortunately I was able to get everything finished with only a medium sacrifice of sleep and sanity, and learned about my daily limits for studying (in other words: yes, there is indeed a studying wall out there... and I hit it about four different times over the weekend) and about what I can produce under pressure. I've lost some confidence in my ability to actually produce something that Oxford folks will like (seeing as they haven't seemed to like much yet), but I don't think I could have tried harder, and so I can't really complain.

(Happening night at the Sackler)

Equally fortuitously, on paper this past weekend was the most difficult of the quarter, and I survived. There will certainly be some crunch at the end trying to get everything squared off, but hopefully I can stay on top of that and keep it from getting too overwhelming. For this week, I've just got to make one last grind through to Friday, and then am off to Italy to visit some Stanny friends - so excited!!

(Meanwhile, spring is creeping into Oxford! Sooo purty)

Here's to many productive hours of sleep and study between then and now... =)

(And maybe a few study breaks like this one along the way...)

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