Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tree Killer

When I last updated, I had four major assignments standing between me and spring break. The mid-length paper and the oral presentation are now mercifully complete, and I have until Monday and Wednesday, respectively, to to finish the rest. Phew! My mind currently feels like a wrung-out sponge, and so I decided to take a break tonight from the craziness of finishing off the term for a little mental downtime. I managed to set aside enough time to actually clean my room and sort my papers for the first time since probably January (I'm not sure how my roommate put up with me, except for perhaps the miracle that I managed to keep my huge mess on my side of room!). Here is a photo of result of my sorting: all my notes, outlines, and rough drafts for my seven tutorial papers gathered together (and remember that every page is double sided!):

(Yikes! So much paper!)

I can honestly say that I've never gone through so much paper in a single term in my life. Sorry, trees! I've learned that I do my best work in a combo of typed and hand-written notes, and many, many outlines, so I'm guessing that this trend probably won't improve in the near future.

I've also calculated that, between all papers I've produced this term, I've written 27,993 words over 122 double-spaced pages! This is a far and away single term record for me (even over that one term at Stanny where I had to write 17 papers!), with a 1000-word and 5000-word paper still left to submit. I must say that I'm quite proud of that, whatever misgivings I had about my writing in the middle of the term. I have more to say on the tutorial process, but that will have to wait until I'm feeling a little less wiped.

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