Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Trip Back in Time

It's so hard to believe that my first quarter at Oxford is almost over! In just 11 days, I'll be packing up and heading home for spring break. There are currently three papers standing between me and freedom, so I've been understandably just a bit busy. I do have a few good things to talk about but am not feeling terribly organized at the moment so they'll have to wait until a bit later on. Instead, in digging around for some photographs to submit to a literary magazine here in Oxford, I stumbled across a few of the pictures I took last time I was here, for a day trip at the end of Pa and my horse-hunting trip to Ireland in 2006. It's so weird to look back at these photos and realize how many of these sights are now part of my every day life. Another reminder of just how special this experience truly is!

(The archetypical Oxford photo - 'No Walking on the Grass' signs at St John's!)

(St. John's chapel, which I revisited for class this term)

(St. John's grounds with Lynda, the woman I had dinner with at the ballet)

(The Corpus Christi crest!! My college!!)

(The Samuel Beckett Theater)

(Magpie Lane, which I now walk down every day!)

I've recovered from my homesickness of a few weeks ago and am feeling so unbelievably lucky and happy to be here. I've finally come to terms with some of the things about the town I had issue with at first and have figured out how to still be myself while succeeding in the Oxford academic system. I'm going to be sad to say goodbye to the friends I've made this quarter, but am equally excited to meet some new folks next term!

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