Sunday, May 22, 2011

Oxford, Hipstamatic-Style

So I downloaded Hipstamatic for my iPhone yesterday and am officially obsessed: I'm already a total addict when it comes to taking pictures of uuurrveryting I can with my iPhone (especially since I can't use it to do much else these days... silly international calling zones!), and I'm really digging how much sharper and more contrasty the images come out with Hipstamatic... even if the program does naturally swing to the 'über emo kid' extreme at times. I was supposed to do a ton of reading today but forgot that the main Bod, where I was forced to send my books because I'd already reached the reserve limits in my normal reading rooms in the Camera, is closed on Sundays. D'oh!

Instead, I took a nice walk around University Park, my favorite 'natural' place in Oxford, and then hit up the Social Science Library to see if there were any general WWII books there that I could use to at least get some work done even if I couldn't reach my real sources. So, here's quiet Sunday afternoon in Oxford, brought to you by Hipstamatic. Enjoy!

(Starting off at the Radcliffe Camera, with All Souls looking on broodingly (and almost certainly NOT approving of the haphazard manner by which that bike got chained up))

(Ridiculously stereotypical Oxford scene, complete with croquet)

(Why can't US post boxes look this quaint?)

(It wouldn't be a day in England without at least one little rain shower!)

(The view from the University Park bridge)

(Rustic stile on the way out of University Park)

(My best Robert Adams impression on the way to Edgeway Rd)

(Tsk tsk, bad stewardship! Keep those gates closed!)

(This building is labeled as a sports ground, but it looks a little shabby by Oxford standards... reminds me more of a New England barn than the land of the Oxford gentry)

(Stalking ponies on Edgeway road! This section is always the highlight of all my runs - there's a field that must have a half-dozen fat, sassy, and adorable ponies out grazing)

(It was getting stormy again as I headed back into University Park)

(But then, of course, got blazingly sunny again as I reached the river - this guy was a JV-league punter at best, and spent most of the time I was there spinning around in a circle)

(super dapply bike on the way to the Social Science library)

(The entrance to the Social Science Library... not the most 'classic' building in Oxford!)

(the SSL in action)

(Stopping for groceries on the way back to the Stanford House)

(What a beautiful day to be out on the river!)

(possible tragic multi-punt collision waiting to happen)

I'm off to get a little more work done, and then maybe hit the pool before it closes tonight. I'm getting excited for the coming few weeks!

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