Thursday, May 26, 2011

Racing to the Finish

It's totally incomprehensible to believe, but in just three weeks my time at Oxford will be at a close. Where did the time go?? I've just got six papers left to write (after today, five!) and a whole lot of saying goodbye to do. I wouldn't call Oxford my ideal aesthetic--I'm not much a city person, even though my urban-dwelling tutor last quarter laughed out loud to even hear me describe Oxford as such! If I spend more time walking on pavement than grass or gravel, then it's too settled for me. Despite that, I've definitely come to think of it as home. I was up by the Ashmolean studying last night and decided to be adventurous and try a new place for dinner. As I wandered the meandering, stone-flagged streets flanked by their quintessential English houses under a fine blue sky, I couldn't help but feel very fond of the place.

That being said, I'm also bursting with excitement over my travel plans over the next few weeks. I didn't get to do much traveling at all last term, so I really made an effort to pack in some travel time this quarter. Three major horse shows, six countries (including 4 that will be all new for me), and a half marathon will all be crammed into the next four and a half weeks. Here's the itinerary (minus Ireland, which I'll be heading to this weekend separately from the rest):

(A: Oxford; B: Salzhausen, Germany (Luhumuhlen CCI****); C: Helsinki, Finland; D: Talinn, Estonia; F: Helsinki; G: Vyborg, Russia (via Lappeenranta, Finland); H: Lappeenranta, Finland; I: Helsinki; J: Tromsø, Norway (Midnight Sun Marathon))

So excited!! And the best part is that I'll get to see my parents!! Ma is coming for my 22nd birthday in Oxford (get ready to pop some champagne!) and then I'll be meeting Pa in Germany for our madcap tour of northern Europe. Too. Much. Fun. Now to just finish up this work in the meantime!!


  1. I'm so jealous!!! Tell Northern Europe I said hello. And when you're in Tallinn, go to Olde Hansa. It's a medieval restaurant and you will get such a kick out of it.

  2. thanks for the advice - I've been reading your reports of Finland and Estonia and I'm so excited! We're just doing a day trip to Talinn from Helsinki, but we're definitely going to try to cram as much in as possible =)